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Aquila Transliterates Correctly!




  Aquila transliterates the name of Joshua  , , which is a perfect transliteration of  "Yeshua".  The form Yeshua was used for Joshua after the Babylonian captivity (see Nehemiah 8:17), but before the captivity the Hebrews used "Yahushua".  It is true that in the time of our Saviour  "Yeshua" was a common name used in Palestine.  But our Saviour's name never was  "Yeshua", the Saviour's name was not given by man, had it been, His name probably would have been Yeshua.  But the angel Gabriel, gave the name "YAHUSHUA", and that is partly why He seemed as one who would restore the kingdom of Israel.  Because this form "Yahushua" was used back in the time of king David, but ceased to be used after the Babylonian captivity.  But the point that I wish to make is that, it is possible to transliterate the Saviour's name correctly.  As we have shown in the  "accusation" board, our Saviour's name was transliterated perfectly from Hebrew into the Greek as .  The Saviour said, "I am come in My Father's name." John 5:43.  If the Greeks can write the sacred name as , they can certainly write the Saviour's name as! (The double  "ss" is to indicate the  "sh" sound in Greek, as in the word  "Mashiach" which is transliterated Messiah ).

    Aquila was  "celebrated for a very literal and accurate trans-lation of the Old Testament into Greek." Encyclopedia Britannica                

    Origen incorporated Aquila's work into his Hexapla.                                      


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