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Not only does the name Joshua appear on the old rustic looking signboard in the classic movie Lonesome Dove, but Joshua was also the name of Sam Houston's servant, a blacksmith by trade who made horseshoes for a living and for his master. Uniquely enough, the great Shepherd herding His cattle toward the Promise Land also has a name related to Joshua. Now let me back up a little bit. In Scripture the word "cattle" has a broader meaning than just "cows "Adam gave names to all cattle." Gen. 2:20. This means the clean split hoof grazers that chew the cud, like Buffalo, sheep, goats, elk, deer, bovine etc. An example of this is Abraham, as the Scripture saith, "Abram was very rich in cattle." Gen. 13:2; which didn't mean just bulls and cows, but also sheep and goats. See another example Gen. 31:10-12. The point being made is that a Cowboy and a Shepherd is almost the same thing. Both herd cattle one is a herder of sheep, and the other herds bulls and cows.

The Messiah is called "The good Shepherd" John 10:11, 14, also "that great Shepherd of the sheep." Heb. 13:20 and 'The chief Shepherd" I Peter 5:4. Most folks call this man Jesus. If you can find an old King James family Bible with the center columns or an old King James with marginal reference, check out Exodus 17:9 margin. It is the first place in Scripture where the name Joshua appears, then look in the margin it says "Called Jesus Acts 7:45 & Heb. 4:8." Then you realize that Joshua is called Jesus in the New Testament. This is because Joshua is of the Hebrew line (Old Testament) and Jesus is of the Greek line (New Testament). I'm kinda sentimental, I like the old stuff, antiques, ancient treasures etc. Now ponder further Joshua is also called Jehoshua in Num. 13:16 & I Chr. 7:27 KJV, because this is closer to what it actually is in the Hebrew. The Saviour therefore had the element of His Father's name included in His name, which most folks know as Jehovah. The Scriptures did say He would come in His Father's name (Ex. 23:21; Ps. 72:17 margin; John 5:43). Originally the Father's name was Yahuwah, compare the prophets name "Eliyahu" I Kings 17:1 margin, which means "my Elohim is Yahuwah". Also compare the name Obadiahu 1Kings 18:3 margin, which means "servant of Yahuwah", which means that Joshua successor of Moses and the Messiah originally had the element "Yahu" instead of "Jeho". So the Messiah's name in its original form would have been Yahushua. So there you have it, we traced it all the way back to the original.

Yes, Joshua is a Cowboy name. The chief Cowboy/Shepherd.

There is only one city in the whole wide world named "Joshua". Can you guess where that would be? It's in the Lone Star state of Texas. There is also a city way out west in the desert of California called Joshua Tree. So its definitely a Western Name.

Now this Joshua in the United State of Texas just so happens to have a Seventh-day Adventist Church in it, and guess what else? A Seventh-day Adventist Cowboy Church called "Crossroads Fellowship".

Cowboy churches are popping up everywhere in Texas. It is one of the fastest growing religious movements of our time. They are even popping up over here in Tennessee now.

You need to know that this is a fore-runner of promoting Sunday as the day of worship. The Roman Catholic infiltrators are using the good Cowboy image to be Sunday promoters. Even the New World Order crowd is using Cowboy imagery to bring in the New World Order.

  The New World Order crowd (Carl Marx, Illuminati, Jesuits, Masons etc) call the common people "cattle", whom they think they can move around as they wish. That's OK Yahuwah is my Cowboy I shall not want. Ps. 23

Now what I think we ought to do is capture a movement, to help Cowboys and others truly stand up for the Seventh-day Sabbath, bucking the Sunday Law instead of promoting it. To waft the name of YAHUSHUA upon the rolling tide.

When the Messiah came the first time, on the day that folks call the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem on the tenth of Abib, Yahushua rode in on an "ass's colt" John 12:15.

Why did not Yahushua the Messiah ride in on a white horse at that time? Because the great sacrifice had not yet been made. He was not yet the victor or the hero. The battle was about to begin so to speak. The Jews should have recognized that riding in on an ass's colt was a symbol of Him coming as a servant. The King of Israel who is a servant. But when Yahushua comes back the second time, He will come back as the victor, or the hero upon a white horse to make war with the beast. "Who RIDES upon the clouds by His name YAH." Ps. 68:4 NKJV. So, you thought 911 was a real terrorist act. Just wait till you come in contact with 19:11



My Cowboy is Coming Back

On a Horse!

Revelation 19:11



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