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The Rising Popularity of the Name JOSHUA



At about 1930 the name of Joshua ranked quite low in the charts, but the name of Joshua has been on the increase ever since 1930. This may be do to the awareness of the name of Joshua and its significance by sacred name research groups that kicked off in the 1930's as reported by L.D. Snow, a member of the Church of God 7th Day.

"Joshua was among the earliest names brought to America by the English colonists." Susan Osborn said there was a "Puritan return to Old Testament names." What's In a Name? p.369. under Joshua

By 1950 the name Joshua still had not entered the top 100 baby names, it ranked about 575, by 1970 the name Joshua entered within the top 100. In 1982 Joshua ranked #25.1') 1990 Joshua ranked #4. It stayed #4 from l99O~1995. It dropped in the charts to #5 in 1996, 1997, but bounced back to #4 from 1998 to 2001. In 2002 Joshua entered #3 and has held #3 up to 2006.

According to Just the Perfect Name by Yvonne De La Paix published in 1997, she categorizes names in a unique fashion. Joshua ranked #3 in Southern Colonial Names. #3 in Deep South Boys Names. #11 in New England Boys Names. #4 in Great Plains Boys Names. #3 in Home on the Range (near the Rocky Mountains). #1 in Northwest Boys Names. #2 in Southwest Boys Names [where Joshua, Texas & Joshua Tree, CA are located]. The New American Dictionary of Baby Names breaks it down by state, based on 1998.


Joshua #5 Idaho            Joshua #5 N Carolina     Joshua #3


Joshua #3 Louisiana     Joshua #2 Oklahoma    Joshua #4


Joshua #5 Maine           Joshua #5 Carolina       Joshua #2


Joshua #3 Maryland      Joshua #5 Tennessee    Joshua #4


Joshua #3 Michigan      Joshua #5 Texas           Joshua #5


Joshua #3 Mississippi   Joshua #5 Utah             Joshua #2


Joshua #5 Montana       Joshua #5 Vermont       Joshua #5


Joshua #1 N. Mexico    Joshua #2 Virginia        Joshua #5


      Washington Joshua #4

  N. Mexico Joshua #2 Virginia  Joshua #5 Washington Joshua #4 *States where Joshua did not rank in the top 5 were not listed.

 Michael is #1, Christopher #2, and Joshua is #3 in the United States. The interesting thing is that all three have a relationship to the Messiah.

 How about examining the popularity of the name Joshua in other parts of the world.

CANADA. Joshua ranked #2 in 1998 & 1999, in 2000 Joshua was #1. it was #2 in 2001-2003. It dropped to #5 in 2004, but bounced back as #2 in 2005. Yea Canada!

ERIN (Ireland). In 1998 Joshua ranked #52. In 1999 #44.2000 #34. In 2001 #28. In 2002-2004 Joshua ranked #2. But dropped to #25 in 2005, whereas JOSH (the short form) came in at #56, combine them together it would probably be #1. Yea Ireland!

ENGLAND & WALES. Joshua ranked #5 in 1998. #4 in 1999. Joshua ranked #1 in 2000. From 2001 to 2003 Joshua ranked #2. In 2004 Joshua dropped to #5, but bounced back to #2 in 2005. Yea England & Wales!

SCOTLAND. In 1998 Joshua ranked #46. In 1999 #41. In 2000 #34. In 2001 #28. In 2002 #19. In 2003 #17. In 2004 #22. In 2005 #21. Glad to see it rising in Scotland!

AUSTRALIA. From 1998 to 2003 Joshua ranked #1 (Praise YAHUWAH!) In 2004 Joshua dropped to #2. In 2005 to #4.


It is prophetic! "I saw that (Elohim) would RAISE UP A JOSHUA that would lead us into the Kingdom. There is danger of our being so over-zealous to keep out of Babylon that we would commit our most noted blunder: that of striking a stake and refusing to pull it up and advance, and when we cease to unlearn errors we shall fall like those who have gone before us. We have learned much and no doubt there is much more to unlearn. It is the follow-on and go-through spirit that will finally land the Remnant without fault on the heavenly Mount Zion." E.G. White, Letter to Elder SN Haskell File 16-F, Melbourne Australia May 9, 1892

 Interesting thing about the name JOSHUA is that it is popularly known historically of the Biblical character who lead Israel into the Promise Land. But Joshua the minister of Moses is called Jesus in the King James Apocrypha in Ecclesiasticus 46:1, also in the New Testament in Acts 7:45 & Hebrews 4:8. The KJV has Joshua in the margin. The New Age bible versions restored the name Joshua to Acts 7:45 & Heb. 4:8, but why didn't they restore the Saviour's name while they were at it? Because they didn't want to confuse everyone with the facts! Does that make sense to you? Don't let the truth confuse you!

As the Messiah said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Jn. 8:32. Free from deception! The Saviour had the same name as the patriarch Joshua. By examining the name Joshua, you can discover the Saviour's original name as given by Gabriel to Yoseph and Miriam. In Numbers 13:16 & I Chronicles 7:27 the King James translators left us two witnesses, where Joshua's name is spelled differently as, "Jehoshua". Most folks knew the Creator's name as Jehovah Ex. 6:3 KJV. So in Jehoshua we can see the sacred name element included as part of the Saviour's name. Originally it was "Yahu" instead of "Yeho" as seen in the prophets name "Eliyahu" (see I Kings 17:1 margin KJV). Elijah's name means "my Elohim is Yahuwah", thus Joshua and the Messiah both were originally called "YAHUSHUA", meaning Yahuwah's Salvation. Will you accept Him as your personal Saviour?