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The old western border of Texas followed the Rio Grand River until it basically ended in the mountains of Colorado, then went straight north about 70 miles into Wyoming, then turned east for about 75 miles, then turned south until it ran into the Arkansas River, then followed the Arkansas River to Dodge City, Kansas and turned straight south until it ran into the Red River (and present border of Texas). This old border served Texas from 1836 to 1850, when it was sold to the United States.

Los Lunas, New Mexico sits on the Rio Grand River, which was the old border of Texas. About 14 miles west of Los Lunas sits a large rock with the Ten commandments etched into it. This Ten commandment rock sits as an entrance sign in the old west, on a small mountain called Hidden Mountain (I've also heard it called Mystery Mountain). The question now arises; Who etched in these letters done in the paleo Hebrew style, and when was it done? And how did they get to Los Lunas?

Because the letters are a variation of the ancient Hebrew style, the people who made these letters must have come from the area in which this style of letters were used and known. Obviously, in the area of Israel! However, the academic world speak a few words against its authenticity. A few of the professors from the University of New Mexico said the glyph was made in the 1930's, although they can give no proof for that position. So in desperation they said that the "perpetrators were Anthropology Department students who were almost expelled from the University when Dr. Hill found out about their (supposed) activities." (J. Winter 1984)

But the problem with this position with the University of New Mexico professors is that the rock was know to the local folks before the 1930's. It was shown to Dr. Hibben by the owner of the Huning Ranch, the late Fred Huning whose grandfather, Franz Huning, had assembled the large land holdings back during the Santa Fe trail days. Franz told his descendant, Fred Huning, according to a personal communication with Frank Hibben (who later communicated to David Deal--who wrote the article in Ancient American issue #9) that Franz had seen it in 1871. The local Indians had also know about it before the 1930's and called it the Hill of Strange Writing.

There is a lesson to be learned here as to why the academic world is so ignorant of the facts.   

1) No time spent with YAHUWAH Elohim in prayer and Bible study.

2) Much of the approved academics try to dismiss the Creator from His own creation, and try to leave him out of everything

You cannot even hold a job as a tour guide unless you believe that millions or billions of years created the Grand Canyon. The Scriptures called these approved academia "fools". And it is time we understand how YAHUWAH feels about it!  "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no Elohim. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. YAHUWAH looked down from heaven upon the children of men (approved academia), to see if there were any that did understand, and seek Elohim." 

What was His conclusion? Did any approved academia seek Elohim? "They are all gone aside, they are all together become stinking: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? Who eats up My people as they are bread, and call not upon YAHUWAH. You have shamed the counsel of the poor, because YAHUWAH was his refuge. Psalms 14:1-6.

3) Another reason approved academia have no understanding is because there is no time spent learning from the common people who had knowledge of it.

Cyrus Gordon is a Maverick Scholar, so named by the academic world because he was a rugged individualist and thought for himself, and often times bucked the tide of popular opinion. Gordon compared the script near Los Lunas  to the writing found in the area of Israel, namely Samaria, and concluded that the rock must have been made by the Samaritans. Having been steered in this direction by the suggestion of Cyrus Gordon, I have to admit that this is very plausible. The writing also resembles the Phoenician style, but leans more toward the Samaritan. It is definitely readable to an Israelite.

So how did the Samaritans get to Los Lunas, New Mexico? Well, they obviously didn't fly across the ocean by an airplane! Did they come across from Russia by the Bering Strait? not very likely! Evidence suggests that they followed the old Texas border, from the Gulf of Mexico, the Rio Grand River as a water source, and camped not too far from it, which means that they must have sailed by boat in order to even get to the Americas.

If you are not sure that boats in those days were good enough for sailing to the Americas, think again!. King Solomon "had at sea a navy of Tharshish with the navy of Hiram: once in three years came the navy of Tharshish, bringing gold, and silver, ivory, and apes and peacocks." I Kings 10:22 (see also 1Kings 10:11)

These ships obviously sailed around Africa and India on their trade routes. But the possibility exists that trade routes could have occasionally run to the Americas as well. America was known to the Phoenicians, and there are quite a few Phoenician inscriptions that have been discovered in America.

Therefore these Samaritans must have come over by ship to the gulf of Mexico and followed the old border of Texas up the Rio Grand and made encampment on Hidden Mountain.


Brian Allen with Ten Commandment Rock


Also on the side of the 10 commandment rock, we found this etched in:

ALEPH and TAU in the Samaritan language,

which the Greeks related as Alpha and Omega,

the first and last letters of the alphabet.

See Isa. 44:6 and Rev. 1:8



On the top of the mountain are little rock hideout shelters strewn. Some look like they have experienced a lot of weather erosion filled with dirt, etc. Which if they were done by students who were irritated with the university (although it might be understandable) why would they try to encamp there so long and go to so much trouble to  make these rock hideout shelters? Were the university students deeply religious or something that they had this burden to etch in the Ten commandments in a foreign language that no one could read or know about? the approved academic theory starts falling apart as the real evidence comes forth. Approved academia didn't even know about the rocks on top with writing, nor the rock hideout shelters. (not to energetic to climb the mountain, I guess)

At the highest point of the mountains is a rock that has etched in

(YAHUWAH Elohenu) a symbol of YAHUWAH "He is the Rock". Deut 32:4



The Samaritans also observed the Scriptures as they contended with the Jews as being Elohim's people. After reading chapter four in the book of John you will kinda get the idea. The woman at the well who talked with Yashushua said, "Our Fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship." Jn. 4:20

The Samaritan torah is know by Biblical scholars for its accuracy. The Samaritans also kept the Festivals of YAHUWAH as commanded in Ex. 23:14-17 as part of the everlasting covenant given at Mt. Sinai. They watched carefully for the new moon after the vernal equinox to start the year. "It would have been expected that a priest would have mounted a nearby mountain or height place to watch for this occurrence right after sunset. On the day before the new moon, while up on the mountain awaiting sunset, the priest and others were treated to an annular total solar eclipse in the late afternoon of September 15th (Julian Calendar), the last day of the sixths month (Hebrew reckoning), and duly recorded it on a large, horizontal rock surface on the north-facing cliff on Hidden Mountain. At the time of the full moon of the seventh month, sixteen days later, the great Feast of Tabernacles is held dwelling in tents (tsukoth) for seven days." Ancient American, issue #9

On the Zodiac rock the dwellers etched in star pictures or constellations showing where the moon was in relation when the solar eclipse happened (possibly how Los Lunas got its name). David Deal is an ancient American researcher went back on the computer to find when the solar eclipse occurred in that area, which was September 15, 107 B.C.,, and by this we understand about when the Ten Commandment rock was made. These folks were some of the first discoverers of Texas and New Mexico. What a heritage to be bless with this inscription here in the United States of America!


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