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Yaswa Hamin




   Down in Mexico at the Maya site of Comalcalco there has been found strong evidence that contact was made between the Old World and the New prior to Columbus.   At this place was discovered an inscription that according to Barry Fell of the Epigraphic Society reads  "Yaswa Hamin" which he translates to mean Jesus, Protector.  The Ancient American Issue Number 24 has "Yoswa Hamin".


    Fell in his book America B.C. tells that this was evidently the work of a North African Berber who was a believer in YAHSHUA that used the Libyan alphabet.


Another of the inscribed ceramic tablets excavated at Comalcolco by the Mexican National Institute of anthropology and History. The Libyan cartouche at upper left reads Yaswa Hamin (Jesus, Protector)


   In the King James Version  "Joshua" is called Jesus in Acts 7:45 & Heb. 4:8

The difference in these two names under heaven is due to the fact that the Old Testament is based on Hebrew manuscripts, but the New Testament is based on  Greek manuscripts [but that doesn't mean that the originals were not Hebrew/ Aramaic, then translated into Greek].  This is proof enough that our Saviour's name was not Jesus, but more resembling the name Joshua, for the simple fact that He was a Jew or Hebrew.  The Jews despised the Greeks (Acts 21:28).  The priest in the temple would have frowned on Yoseph and Mary for trying to give their son a Greek name.  Joshua is called Jehoshua in Num. 13:16 where at least we see the concept of the sacred name involved, which most know as Jehovah.  However Elijah's name in the margin of I Kings 17:1 reveals jahu instead of jeho.  Therefore the Messiah came in His Father's name (John 5:43, and the prophecy of Ps 72:17 margin).   Therefore, "when the eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the child, His name was called YAHUSHUA, which was so named of the angel before He was conceived in the womb." Luke 2:21


   This startled Simeon who looked for the consolation of Israel, Israelites hadn't heard "Yahu" in names since the Babylonian captivity, this must be the child who would restore the kingdom Israel.    YAHUSHUA the Messiah!


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