Promise Land Ministry


Missionary Projects



  Joshua, Texas

    The city of Joshua, and its rural routes around it out in the country, we covered with the JOSHUA tract.  We took it to them door to door, in the country I drove to the houses.  In doing this sometimes I would meet the folks and tell them I was passing out a flyer that tell about the name Joshua and what it means,  they almost always thanked me for it, the folks received it well and seemed interested in it.  The population of Joshua last I knew was about 6,200.  This was a large project for the little ministry, but we did completely cover it.  We covered everything between Joshua and Cleburne, between Joshua and Keene, between Joshua and Burleson, and between Joshua and Godly.  I think we passed out over 4,000 all together.  Sister Roseli helped me in Joshua one Sabbath, which was a big help.  We got a few responses in the mail, some folks were wondering if we were going to start up a new church.  But, could only respond with, I just don't have that much support yet.

    One man told me how the city of Joshua got its name, it was by opening the Bible and what ever he opened it to, would be the name thereof.  He opened it to the book of Joshua.  Divine providence I think!

    A friend of mine and later another person told me the same that on the News one evening there was a controversy going on in Joshua amongst the old timers and youngsters  as to how Joshua was originally pronounced, "Joshuah" vs. "Joshuay"

    I can't help but wonder this was  trying to side track everyone from the real issue.   Our little flyer seemed to stir things up.  This little flyer really helps folks understand the sacred name right from their own KJV Bible.

   We also covered streets in Dallas called Joshua, and Joshua Tree with the flyer.


 Joshua Florida

 We attended the Feast of Tabernacles 1998 in Florida, which was a real blessing, the messages were timely.  While I was there, I slipped over to a little spot in the road called Joshua and covered it with the Joshua flyer, actually it was not a town, but an old community that used to exist.  But there are a few houses in the area.  Everyone seemed glad to receive it, I passed out about an hundred.  We got one response.


 Joshua Point Connecticut

    Tom Nelson, John Vega and I stopped in at  "Joshua Point" in Connecticut which is on the coast on our way to Maine to rake blueberries and make a little money.  So we took advantage of this opportunity to cover this spot with the JOSHUA flyer. We passed out about 150, and covered all of it






Our billboard Project: 

We sponsored this  two-sided billboard for over a year. Seven months on Hwy 917 on the east side of Joshua, Texas, right next to Joshua Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Then it  was up on the west side of Joshua. Texas.